USNaviguide LLC Non-Disclosure Agreement Policy

Our Policy on Signing Non-Disclosure Agreements

It quite common for organizations seeking our expertise to request that we sign non-disclosure agreements ("NDAs") before all but the most preliminary conversations are held. Companies and individuals are often advised to use NDAs to preserve their claim of intellectual property rights and to maintain the confidentiality of their business processes.

Unfortunately, proposed NDAs are often written very broadly, covering virtually everything about the company and prohibiting any disclosure whatsoever, including inadvertent, incidental or innocent disclosures. Properly evaluating any NDA requires careful consideration by retained legal council, an expensive and time consuming task.

In addition, most discussions with prospective customers center around modifications to our existing or in development products, so NDA protection on the part of the prospect is generally unnecessary.

USNaviguide LLC prides itself on our practice of the highest respect and care of the confidentiality of all information received. We aim to treat you as we ourselves wish to be treated. However, you should not, under any circumstance, forward confidential or proprietary information to us.

If an NDA is deemed absolutely necessary to initiate or continue consultations with USNaviguide LLC, we will allow it with the following stipulations: In exchange for USNaviguide LLC entering into an NDA with any person or organization, an NDA fee of $1000 per NDA, per year in which it is to be in effect is required to offset handling costs. Example: 1 NDA in effect for 3 years = $3000. NDA fees are to be paid in advance of signing any document.

There are exceptions to this requirement for large projects and specifically, Google, Inc. for which we will waive or reduce this fee.

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